Friday September 4th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the stone.

Pretty sure I picked berries for the last time this morning. I only got a pint of raspberries for the market, plus a partial mixed pint of raspberries and blackberries for us (well, Max, really). A little sad, but mostly happy to have that behind me now.

Other than that... cherry tomatoes, bigger tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, cucumbers, corn. Kat's parents got me Aurora apples and plums. I've got some Gala and Macintosh leftover from last weekend. That's about it, I think.

It's Labour Day long weekend here, so hopefully it'll be a busy market. Either way, I should get some sleep now.


Lurking in a dust-covered box at the back of an unused bookshelf, you could be forgiven for thinking it forgotten. It is not. Everyone in the village knows precisely where it is.

For it is the first stone, and one day it will be cast.


Greg said...

The berries have done well to last into September, I think. And though you may not regret not having to go and pick them, you might miss their tartness and sweetness in a couple of months :) Still, it sounds like a good market, and you've definitely got a more autumnal theme going there, so that will be a nice change!
Heh, much as I like your story, isn't the first stone supposed to be cast by him who is without sin? Does the village know who that is already? :)

The stone
The stone was erected to commemorate the place where the aliens murdered the first Ra'akost. The aliens, after much difficulty was spent translating their barbaric tongue, appeared to call themselves "Urph Linns" and announced, even after the murder, that they came in peace. The Ra'akost attempted to believe this until a village elder one day counted the murder-markers and discovered that there were more stones than surviving Ra'akost. At that point the stones were put to a new use, entirely as peaceful as the Urph Linns.

Marc said...

Greg - I was thinking that someone would come along eventually who was without sin, and that everybody would know where to direct him or her. Eagerly, I reckon.

Urph Linns is bloody great, for the record. As is murder-markers. And I do appreciate that the Ra'akost managed to turn the tables (stones?) at the end there.