Tuesday September 29th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: opposites.

I got the butternut and remaining ornamental squash out of the garden this morning. We're not quite at nightly frost danger now, but it's pretty close.

Got some errands done with Max this afternoon before hitting up our coffee shop for snack time. We ran into our friends from the bakery while we were there and it was nice to do a little catching up. Now that things are slowing down for both of our families hopefully we can find time to get together again soon.

We've got our second midwife appointment tomorrow morning in Penticton. Max will be joining us for the first time, which should be a neat experience. I think we're meeting with the midwife that delivered him (which would make it extra cool) but Kat's convinced it's with another midwife (who met him shortly after he was born and I think for our final post-birth appointment as well, so still pretty cool).

I guess we'll see who's right tomorrow.


His ex-wife is out
on the town with her new man.
He stays home and drinks.

*     *     *

An attraction so
powerful, nothing can stop
it - so shut up, dude.


Greg said...

Are the ornamental squash ones you sell for pumpkin carving for Hallowe'en? Either way, they sound attractive. I like the competition you've got going on with Kat over the midwife, but I feel obliged to point out that women tend to remember things better than men, so my money's on her being right.
I think I like your second haiku better this week, for that last line that suddenly turns the whole thing into a conversation between two frat brothers :) (Though I do appreciate the clever use of people doing the opposite thing in the first haiku)

He is hot summer.
She is winter: cold, aloof.
He hopes to thaw her.

Fingers oppose thumb,
They pluck autumn squash to bring
Happy Hallowe'ens

[I did think for a little bit about trying to do a haiku about SOHCAHTOA (if you can remember your school trigonometry classes) but decided it was a little too obscure.]

morganna said...

Left, it's left, I say!
No, it's right. We must turn right!
Road closed. A moot point.

Positive combines
With negative, two opposites
Make a neutral atom.

Marc said...

Greg - nah, they're the ones with interesting shapes and colors, with warts all over them. They make for a nice seasonal display, I think.

Yeah, yeah, fine. She was right. :P

Hmm, tough call this week. I think I'm leaning slightly in favor of your first one.

Morganna - hah, I have to go with your first as well this week. You've managed to clearly paint a scene in my mind within the constraints of the haiku format. Nicely done!