Tuesday September 15th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: clouds.

My aunt and uncle came over mid-morning and spent from then until just before dinner with us and Max. We had a walk around the farm with Max playing tour guide, we played catch with a balloon for quite a while, we went for lunch, we went to the park, and we capped things off with a visit to our favorite coffee shop.

A pretty long but very enjoyable day. My aunt and uncle will be dropping by tomorrow morning for one more short visit and to say goodbye before continuing eastward. I'll have to get some produce together before they go, both for them and for my sister in Calgary.


A bed of cool grass;
watching rabbits and turtles
race across the sky

*     *     *

A dark and gloomy
visitor on a sunny
afternoon? No thanks!


Greg said...

That sounds like a pleasant day, though I'm surprised you can play with a balloon for that long :)
I think I like you second haiku better today, but it's a close run thing.

Clouds in my coffee –
I dipped the Tipp-Ex brush in
By mistake. Again.

Clouds of smoke rise up,
Autumn bonfires, one per field.
Only one's a pyre.

[Tipp-Ex is a brand name of liquid paper, or correction fluid, from the days before everything was written using a keyboard...]

morganna said...

Drifting high above
Soft, white, and fluffy, slowly
Become thunderclouds.

Dragons and cattle
Mice and flowers, peacefully
Share a blue canvas.

Will Webster said...

I like fluffy clouds
They are big white and wispy
Clouds fly very high

Dark clouds bring bad news
They are full of hail and rain
It is disgusting

Kricket Bridges said...

Clouds are everywhere.
Rain and snow and sleet they bring,
Here comes the thunderclouds.

Floating in the air,
Soft as a new pillow,
Lots of clouds today.

Miles Wester said...

White, gray, purple, red
wispy like a willow tree
strong bold and crawling

transporter of rain
foster of unclarity

Marc said...

Greg - Max is pretty entertaining when he's playing with a balloon. His enthusiasm is infectious :)

Gotta go with your first as my favorite this week, as that is quite the image you've painted for us!

Morganna - really like the imagery of your second one this week, so that's my favorite.

Will - hello and welcome to the blog! Thanks for sharing your haiku with us here.

I think I feel the same way you do in your second poem, so I have to admit to that being my favorite between your two :)

Hope to see more writing from you here.

Kricket - hello and welcome to the blog! Thanks for sharing your poems with us.

I really like your second poem as well, you've created a very vivid image there. Hope to see more writing from you here as well.

Miles - hello and welcome to the blog! Thanks for sharing your haiku with us.

I like both of your poems a lot, so it's hard to pick a favorite. I'll give the edge to your first, but it's only a slight edge.

I hope you find time and inspiration to share more writing with us here.