Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

The exercise:

Write about: making amends.

A lot that has been happening around here has been left off the blog recently. I would like to start making up for that today.


Obviously I've been kept pretty busy between the farm and Max recently. I don't think I've kept that much of a secret.

I've been doing the farmers market in Penticton by myself since Rebecca left as well. Partially that's been because it's honestly easier to do it by myself than to do it with both Kat and Max there. My only breaks from the stall are to be with Max and any time we're both trying to work we still have to keep an eye on him and/or keep him entertained.

But, as I said, that's only part of the reason. The other is that Kat's been feeling too ill to come to the market. We're hoping that will change soon, though, now that she's at the end of the first trimester.

Yup, baby number two is due to join us in early April of next year. Max is convinced that he's going to have a little sister. We'll hopefully be able to confirm or deny that sometime in November.

In closing, I'd like to share the conversation we had almost two months ago when we told Max the news:

Kat: You know how Aunty Becky has a baby in her belly?*

Max: Yeah.

Kat: Well, Mommy has a baby in the belly too!

Max: Do you have a baby in your belly, Dada?

*Oh, yeah. Max is also getting another cousin, as of February of next year. It's officially a baby boom here on the farm.


Greg said...

Well? Do you have a baby in your belly too? You can't leave us in suspense like that!
Seriously though, congratulations! And congratulations to Aunty Becky too, at this rate you'll have enough children to be able to open a childcare facility of your own. (Actually I can see that working: children in one room, Kat offering counselling to stressed parents in another, and you providing a produce "gift shop" that parents can pick up food from when they come to collect their children.)
Though, it does sound like you'll be at the market on your own for a long time to come....

Making amends
The table-turning was proving to be rather more of a success than Viv had expected; she'd started off with the hidden foot-pedal and the hydraulic pump to get the big, round, oaken weight moving, but then the group had picked it up of their own accord and were now cooing happily as their subtle muscle motion kept it dancing while they thought spirits were doing it. Not bad, for a bunch of pensioners, thought Viv, just a little snidely.
Then the lights went out, and all she could think was this was a damn inconvenient moment for the electricity meter to want money putting in it.
"Ah, the spirits are calling," she said in her best ghostly voice, the one that had got her two callbacks, but sadly no job, as a voice actor for Comedy Central's now-cancelled ghost show The kids are all wights. To her utter horror a pale glow suddenly coalesced above the rocking, tilting, twisting table, and two eyes appeared in it.
"Oh, it's Mouse!" said Mrs. Spackle, talking about her cat that had died two weeks ago.
"No," said Viv, about to explain that only human spirits could be summoned in her séances, but the shape quickly adopted a more cat like form.
"Yes," said the ghost cat. "I am Mouse, which name I hated all my life. However, I am here to make emends."
"You mean amends?" Viv had excellent hearing.
"No. I don't."

morganna said...

"Forgiveness. She wants forgiveness!" the voice cackled. I shuddered as it came closer, accompanied by the sound of wheels squeaking over the nursing home tiles.

"Hello, Grandpa. Mom sent me to visit you today -- she is very busy with the PTO bake sale."

"Forgiveness. She wants forgiveness and she can't even be bothered to come visit!" The bent figure launched itself out of the wheelchair at me. I backed up hurriedly as a nurse came running over.

"I'll be seeing you, Grandpa," and I hurried out the door. My last sight of Grandpa was him being helped back into his wheelchair, bleeding from a cut lip.

What was I going to tell Mom? How would she ever be able to make amends now?

Marc said...

Greg - I had to explain that babies are only in the bellies of ladies, not men. I decided to leave the possibilities of science changing that for another time :P

Thank you, though. We are all pretty excited about it. Kat less so at the moment, but this nausea and exhaustion has to pass eventually, right?

The kids are all wights? That's fantastic. Seriously.

Morganna - yeah, that doesn't seem like a situation that will have a happy ending. Great little vignette, by the way.