Saturday September 5th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something or someone that is: caught.

It was a cold, blustery start to the day. I think it was 12 degrees out when I woke up at 5 this morning, but the wind made it feel much colder than that. It continued to blow for most of the market before finally dying down just before noon.

I'm sure that contributed to the slow start to the market. Things eventually got steady but I don't think I was ever really busy. Ended up being a decent market either way though.

My brain is ready to sleep. In fact, it may already be asleep. So... here we go.


Uh oh - we're caught!
Will you let us out?
Or do we have to
Yell and scream and shout?


Greg said...

That sounds nice to me; I like the chilled weather and the feeling that autumn is settling in, and the opportunity to wear a hoodie over a comfortable, warm t-shirt... but I appreciate that I'm then not standing out in that for the next 3-4 hours :) I'm glad it was a fairly good market despite the weather.
For your poem today – great use of language in such a short space – I'd go with yelling, screaming and shouting. That almost never goes wrong!

In the darkness we lit a candle,
And the roar that filled our ears
Was the expanding sphere of light and flaming gas
That showed the monsters exactly where we were.

Joshua Houser said...

Gosh darnit I've been had

this is extremely bad

How on earth do I get out

No one heres me scream and shout.

Marc said...

Greg - the market is 4.5 hours, toss in 1.5 hours for setup in the morning and .5 hours to pack up at the end and... okay, now I'm just making myself miserable.

Hah, was not expecting your final line. That sounds like a rather unfortunate situation.

Joshua - hello and welcome to the blog. Thanks for sharing your poem with us - I like the voice you used here, particularly the first line.

Hopefully you'll share more writing with us here :)