Tuesday September 8th, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the negotiator.

Another quiet day as I ease into the final stages of another growing season. I'll have to get out to the garden to harvest our squash in the next couple of days but I'm not feeling particularly rushed to get that done.

Max is totally fine, by the way. Because of course he is.


I drive hard bargains,
But that's why I also drive
A Lamborghini.

*     *     *

I preside over
The Land of In-between, where
All good deals are made


Greg said...

It's good to hear that Max is fine, though I was sure he would be. Kids are a lot more resilient than they look :)
And the squash is one of those easy-going vegetables, I hear, that don't mind too much when they're harvested at all, so I'm sure you can take your time with them too.
I think I like you first haiku better this week, because it all makes a lot of sense when you reach the end and realise what you've just read. it's very apt.

The negotiator
Beneath summer sky
He brokers the agreement
Between Spring and Fall.

He's so proud he "won",
No-one wants to break the news
He paid twice the price.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, winter squash is at least. Summer squash... less so :)

Hmm. After reading your first I was quite certain it would be my favorite. But then I went and read your second and now I can't decide between them.

I'll say I'm still leaning slightly toward your first.