Saturday September 12th, 2015

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: tennis

Had a pretty great market this morning, selling 13.5 of the 14 crates of Ambrosia that I brought, along with all 5 crates of the remaining Aurora, all the leeks and zucchini, nearly all of the 2 crates of plums, 7 out of 10 pints of cherry tomatoes, and all but one of the cucumbers. The bigger tomatoes were really the only things that didn't sell, but at least the food bank came around at the end so I could donate them.

Today was also Natalie's fourth birthday. Max spent most of the day with her and we all gathered at Kat's parents house this evening for a big family dinner. The kids definitely had a great time and the adults were pretty entertained as well.

Also, also: how 'bout them Blue Jays, mom?

Hurray, day off tomorrow.


Doesn't it make you sad?
I know it's such a silly little thing,
But I just can't watch a sport
In which love means nothing...


Greg said...

That does sound like a good market! Shame about the large tomatoes not selling; I was recently reading a recipe where you take tomatoes that size and slice them and press them so that you can make a mille-feuille out of them with shrimp and a sauce.
Heh, that's a very good pun in your last line, but it was still a pun... low humour, very low. Even if I do make more use of them myself than I should!

She said she longed to play tennis
So we found some local courts.
But the landmines made play tricky
And left her out of sorts.

Justin Kunz said...

A bond that lasts a lifetime
Sisters turned to competitors
One holds on by a lifeline
The other is the winning contender

Marc said...

Greg - that sounds tasty, especially with heirloom tomatoes which have such great flavour. Mmmm...

Eh, I get to feeling a little punny every now and again. I think you can handle it :P

That... does not sound like an ideal location for playing tennis. Adventurous though!

Justin - hello and welcome to the blog! Thanks for sharing your poem with us.

This may be the first poem I've ever read that's about Serena and Venus and I have to say I like it! It's pretty wild when you stop to think about it, isn't it? Two sisters growing up to be such huge stars, competing against each other so much of the way.

Hope to see more writing from you here!