Friday September 18th, 2015

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: the dance contest.

Max has been busting out some pretty sweet moves whenever we're out somewhere that has music playing. Our local coffee shop has been a favorite location in particular. Earlier this week some reggae came on and he got off his chair and let loose.

"Oh, he dances too!" This from a woman who he'd earlier been telling all about the apple he was eating for a snack. "Is that ballet?"

No, lady, he's just dancing to the music. That's all.

All set for another market tomorrow. Bringing lots of Ambrosia apples, a few crates of Salish apples and Empress plums, a crate of leeks, cherry tomatoes, larger tomatoes, peppers, onions, and garlic. The forecast must have changed in the last couple of days, because I was expecting to see mid-twenties and clear skies.

Instead it's cloudy with showers and a high of 17.

I'll take the clouds and 17 degrees, as long as someone else takes the showers. Thanks kindly.


"This is absolutely ridiculous - I didn't stand a chance!"

"Well, you can hardly blame the judges, can you?"

"This is why we need separate age divisions!"

"What, and tell that cute little three year old that he can't compete against the adults?"


Greg said...

When did Reggae get classified as music then? ;-) I like Max's eclectic tastes, though I don't think I'd know how to dance to Reggae. That said, there's not much I do know how to dance to, so maybe that's more my problem.
That sounds like a very tasty haul for the market, I hope they sell well, even if you do get the odd shower here and there!
Hmm, I think they should have age divisions in your story as well, if only so that you get more cute three year-olds competing :)

The dance contest
The announcer hid a smile as he picked up the microphone to call the last of the mandatory dances: "Chicken dance, ladies and gentlemen!" As the familiar oom-pah strains of the Birdie song kicked in, and the contestants faced each other, making chicken beaks and flapping their 'wings' Casey sighed. Four thousand dollars, six months of training, and now this. Worse, her mother was in the audience with a video camera.

Marc said...

Greg - :P

Yes, I imagine a dance contest involving only three year olds would be quite something to behold!

Oof, that sounds like preparation time and money that could have been better spent elsewhere! At least there will be video to remember the occasion by!