Tuesday September 22nd, 2015

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: blood.

Max woke up at 5:30 this morning and I pretty much immediately felt no hope of getting him back to sleep. I honestly have no idea how he wakes up that early, after legitimately not enough sleep, with so much energy.

But I would very much like to learn his secret and make use of it for myself.


I'm running hot; now
Is no time for decisions...
But that won't stop him.

*     *     *

So bright and vivid
On the floor, yet your skin grows
Paler and paler...


Greg said...

You just need a little bottle of ether, then you can get him to go back to sleep with no trouble at all :-P Or maybe you could convince him that 5:30am is the best time of day for weeding and get him to help out in the garden more?
I think I prefer your second haiku better today because of the subtlely of it.

Thicker than water....
My kin are all murderers,
I've seen enough blood.

Spring lambs, winter pigs,
Farming kin kill all I love.
Lonely, vegan, me.

[No acrostic this time, but I think I've managed to get them to tell a tale jointly.]

Marc said...

Greg - I'm still looking at investing in a tiny tranquilizer gun...

Yeah, they combine to tell a tale indeed. Though if I had to pick one as a favorite I'd definitely go with the second :)