Friday July 14th, 2017

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: ripples.

Had a nice time at Kettle River this morning. Only about a 40 minute drive away but it somehow seems to be a big effort to get out there. Planning on getting out into the woods a few more times this summer, as the boys love it and Kat and I need it too.

Sat with Miles by the river's edge for quite a while, just watching him throw rocks into the water. Started out with little pebbles then gradually got bigger. By the end I was quite certain he was going to crush his toes with one of those big rocks he was picking up but he managed not to.

The water was cold and refreshing but still moving fast after this spring's flooding extravaganza, so we stuck close to shore.

Back to work tomorrow. Really want to say already as I'm not at all sure where the last four days went.


Spinning slowly as it arches through the air, it peaks and then begins its descent. There is no stopping it now, no taking it back. It will land with great force, enough to shake the foundations of all that we believe in.

And we will feel the ripple effects for decades to come.


Greg said...

That looks like a pretty beautiful place to spend time! I'm off to Kiev in a little over a week now, and hopefully I'll find some similarly beautiful spots to spend time at too! Malta has no rivers and everywhere's largely limestone, so while it's not unbeautiful it does all kind of feel the same really.
And speaking of beauty, that would describe your writing today as well, with the description at the start being elegant and understated, and then the final line dropping in all the gravitas needed to make the ripples happen!

"The time-shield causes ripples," said Jeff, his words tumbling out of his mouth as he tried to say too much in too little time. "Even though we're cut off from the main branch, the ripples can reach there. They can still be felt."
Veronica's mouth hardened into a thin, mean line, and she pressed the start button anyway.

Marc said...

Greg - I can't wait to hear about your adventures in Kiev. I hope everything goes well for you there!

Thanks, once again :)

Ah, a brief yet interesting continuation of the time-shield tale. Much appreciated!