Saturday July 15th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something that is: inescapable.

Pretty smooth first day back at work. Hot again, but it's supposed to be much cooler tomorrow (relatively speaking). There's a strong wind blowing tonight to make sure that'll be the case.

Funniest (to me) thing that happened today: I was restocking the women's washroom at the main beach this afternoon in preparation for going home and as I was finishing up a lady stuck her head in to tell me that there was 'a huge lineup out here - can we use the washrooms yet?'.

Because, you know, the size of the lineup is a major factor in how long it takes me to take care of the facilities.

But! That wasn't even the best part.

No, that was when I said to go ahead, since I'd finished with the toilets and was working on the sink/counter/garbage bags by the door, and... five ladies came in.


I think there were like fifty ladies waiting for me on Canada Day long weekend...


Sure, fight me if you will -
It entertains me still.
I'll still take your last breath -
For no one escapes Death.


Greg said...

I hope you get your cooler weather! I'm sure it makes the job a little easier when you don't feel like you're being constantly broiled!
The "long line" of five ladies does sound quite hilarious really, but I guess it's all relative. When there's no event on perhaps that is a lot for that washroom :)
Nice poem, if a little worrying about you're complaining about impatient "customers"... ;-)

Houdini, he said, had nothing on him,
"Really, Houdini's a hack!"
It might have been true, until he was found
Dead in a laminate mail-sack