Saturday July 15th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about something that is: inescapable.

Pretty smooth first day back at work. Hot again, but it's supposed to be much cooler tomorrow (relatively speaking). There's a strong wind blowing tonight to make sure that'll be the case.

Funniest (to me) thing that happened today: I was restocking the women's washroom at the main beach this afternoon in preparation for going home and as I was finishing up a lady stuck her head in to tell me that there was 'a huge lineup out here - can we use the washrooms yet?'.

Because, you know, the size of the lineup is a major factor in how long it takes me to take care of the facilities.

But! That wasn't even the best part.

No, that was when I said to go ahead, since I'd finished with the toilets and was working on the sink/counter/garbage bags by the door, and... five ladies came in.


I think there were like fifty ladies waiting for me on Canada Day long weekend...


Sure, fight me if you will -
It entertains me still.
I'll still take your last breath -
For no one escapes Death.


Greg said...

I hope you get your cooler weather! I'm sure it makes the job a little easier when you don't feel like you're being constantly broiled!
The "long line" of five ladies does sound quite hilarious really, but I guess it's all relative. When there's no event on perhaps that is a lot for that washroom :)
Nice poem, if a little worrying about you're complaining about impatient "customers"... ;-)

Houdini, he said, had nothing on him,
"Really, Houdini's a hack!"
It might have been true, until he was found
Dead in a laminate mail-sack

Marc said...

Greg - yes, the heat is currently the major challenge of the job. Drinking ridiculous amounts of water seems to be my best defense.

Hah, nice work with the prompt on this one. And I appreciate you managing to rhyme hack with mail-sack :D