Tuesday July 11th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the halfway point.

Realized today that I've worked eleven four day shifts with the town and that I've got eleven more to go before my contract is done.

Had some time to myself this morning to recover from the last four days. Got caught up on a few more comments and rested and generally appreciated the opportunity to relax.

This afternoon I had my first chiropractor appointment in two weeks (they were closed last week). Much needed, feel much better now.

Tomorrow we've got our next customer pickup day, featuring raspberries and apricots.


The halfway point, where
it's just as easy to move
forward or retreat

*     *     *

Unless you're climbing
a mountain. Then falling down
would be much quicker...


Greg said...

I don't think I'd realised you were on a fixed-term contract for this, though you may have said so at the start. Well done on getting through the first half and still feeling sane and capable of not killing idiots you meet day-to-day! And well done on relaxing and catching up on comments :)
I like the way you've linked the comments today, and the second is definitely my favourite because it might be stating the obvious, but it's done so very amusingly!

The halfway point
Meet me halfway, he
Instructed. But he's a ghost:
Death's more than halfway!

Daring the tightrope;
Looking down, I'm up too high
Each end is too far.

Marc said...

Greg - definitely still sane. Didn't say anything about being capable of resisting idiot killing urges...

'Each end is too far' is a brilliant line. That makes your second my clear favorite this go around :D