Friday July 21st, 2017

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose which take place on: the construction site.

Good day with the boys. Miles had a rough sleep last night, so he napped early, and while he did that I took Max for a walk around Haynes Point. Haven't been out there for a while and we both enjoyed it.

After we got back everybody had a late lunch (because Miles and Kat had just woken up) and then I took the boys for a wander around the farm. Ended up at Natalie's house for a bit, then Kat's parents.

Had a yummy slow cooker meal for dinner (beef stew) and now the boys are asleep and Kat is over at her brother's house for a visit.

And I am once again working on the comment backlog...


Whenever the question was bellowed by the foreman, the entire site seemed to fall deathly silent. Everyone knew what the words meant as they echoed and echoed and echoed. It was a tool to be used not on steel or concrete, but on human flesh and bone.

"Where's my damned sledgehammer?"


Greg said...

Sounds like you got a lot of exercise today! Still, I'm sure the boys enjoyed it all, and if the weather's nice (not too hot, not too smoky) I guess there's a lot of pleasure there for you too :)
I finished work yesterday and was, honestly, surprised at how many people wanted to say goodbye. I'm pretty certain they all wanted to be sure I was gone, I just hadn't realised how many people I seemed to know about the place. And now I have the weekend and Monday, and then I fly off to the Ukraine on Tuesday and start work on Wednesday. I'm sure other people don't seem to do this... :-D
I really like the "echoed and echoed and echoed" line, it works very well, and the last line adds a cold finality to it all that suggests this isn't your usual construction site. Nice work!

The construction site
"You know when the boss said we were all getting new houses?"
"Well, did you know that he meant that they'd be constructed around us while we still lived in this... this... construction site?"
"I'm not sure, but now you mention it, I do remember hearing him say something about our lives being 'set in stone'."

Marc said...

Greg - best of luck to you in Kiev! I hope things have gotten off to a good start!

Hmm. I'm not sure I'd want one of these new houses...