Tuesday July 18th, 2017

The exercise:

Write two haiku about: the traffic jam.

While today didn't go exactly to plan at work, it still ended up being a reasonably good day. And now... four days off.

Trying really hard to catch up on comments enough to get to the yearlong prompt before I have to go back to work on Sunday. Fingers crossed I'll get there.


Bumper to bumper
as far as the eye can see...
time to start drinking.

*     *     *

Honk the horn. Honk the
horn. Honk the horn. It has to
work eventually...


Greg said...

You're almost there with the comments :) Two more days to go I think. And then you get a little longer to catch-up before the next instalment.
I'm curious as to how work didn't go according to plan now... :)
I like your first haiku better this week. The second one I've seen/heard happen too often (though not in Malta, where traffic jams can be caused by idiots just wanting to stop and talk to people for 15 minutes(!), but I think the first one is definitely the best solution.

The traffic jam
Pectin, sugar, an
Audi 500 make an
Unusual jam....

Stuck, unmoving in
Eternal traffic. Hell is
Designed for parents.

[I think I might have tried to squeeze too much into that last haiku really: the image I have is of parents with small children, probably overtired (on all counts) stuck in an eternal traffic jam as punishment]

Marc said...

Greg - I think this was the day I got stuck at Cottonwood waiting for a plumber to install a new toilet in the ladies washroom. I had planned to get to a couple other locations during that time but was forced to abandon that and just get the basics done before I had to clean the office at the end of my shift. Not a big deal, more of an inconvenience.

I like the take on the prompt in your first haiku and, being a parent, did not require any explanation of your second :) Tough to choose between the two... but that traffic jam in your first is too good not to be the winner this week.