Saturday July 29th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: the camping trip.

Writing this after we got back makes this a bit odd to write. But let us pretend for a few moments that I wrote this before I left, okay?

Spent last night packing up most of the things we'll need for our one night stay. I don't think it would take much more stuff to stay for a week, but here we are.

Kat and I will be driving up with Miles while Max is catching a ride with Papa. Becky, Adam, Natalie, and Emerysn will be meeting us there.

Here's hoping for a good day (and a bit).

Okay, done pretending now. Will get Sunday's post written and posted as soon as I can.


We went out to the woods today,
To see what we could see.
We found dragonflies, clear blue skies,
And a clear thought or three...


Greg said...

It sounds like this might horrify you then, but still: I packed for moving from Malta to Kiev in about two hours (spread over an afternoon as I had to wash clothes as well which meant I packed most things then had to wait for the rest to dry) and put everything into two sports bags and a rucksack, with the laptop and tablets in carry-on luggage. I don't think I reached the 30kg weight limit :) However, I am very impressed that you pack more for one night's camping than I pack for my entire life :-D
It sounds like you enjoyed the opportunity to relax out in nature! That poem picks it all up nicely and it sounds... serene, I think. Nice :)

The camping trip
We're going camping, and it will be intense --
Wait, I mean in tents, does that make sense?
It will be intense in tents, no that sounds bad;
This camping trip will drive me mad!

Marc said...

Greg - that sounds like me packing in a previous life (before kids, generally). I'm not horrified... just a tad jealous :)

Hah, looks like you had fun writing this one. Thank you for the smile it gave me :)