Friday July 28th, 2017

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about: ready, set, go.

All right, finally caught up with posting again. And I can say with complete confidence that... tomorrow's post will be going up a day late.

Because tomorrow night we'll be camping at Conkle Lake.

Adam, Becky, and their girls will be joining us for the day before heading home for the night, and Kat's dad will be camping overnight with us.

Should be fun. Fingers crossed, anyway.


We're at the starting line now, all lined up nice and neat. Everyone is ready to race, but they all know I'm the one to beat. The audience is out of their seats and are in for a treat.

Hey, Charlie's running already... that sneaky little cheat!


Greg said...

I thought there seemed to be a dearth of new posts lately. It's not bad, but after a couple of days I start wondering if anything's wrong... :) Glad to hear you're all well and off camping. I hope it's all fun and the bears are properly Canadian and just politely remind you not to litter.
Haha, I see you combined the poem and prose elements in today's post. It made me smile, so it's a good one!

Ready, set, go
"You look tense, sweetie," said Mrs. Crandle. Her daughter automatically shrugged away her mother's hands from trying to massage her shoulders.
"It's these jelly competitions," she said, "because knowing when you've finished -- and maybe won -- is so hard."
"Ready," said the judge, her voice drawing out to heighten the tension, "set,... SET!"

[I don't know if you use the English jelly or the american jello here, but this should clear up what I've talking about.]

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, that seems like a pretty reasonable response to my various absences. Sorry about all of them... I'm hoping to make some changes so that they become less likely. But first I'm trying to get caught up on comments, then I can start looking at doing extra stuff.

Hah, nice take on the prompt. And thanks for the clarification - we do use jello here :)