Saturday July 22nd, 2017

The exercise:

Write a four line poem about: hiking in the mountains.

Took the family for a drive up Mount Kobau this morning. Bumpy gravel road for the last twenty or thirty minutes, but totally worth it once we got to the parking lot near the top. From there we did a 3 km loop trail that took us to a lookout and through fields of wildflowers and butterflies.

Absolutely beautiful up there.

Miles rode on Kat's back for the whole hike (other than a brief escape at the lookout for a water and snack break) and Max hiked the whole thing himself. Here's a shot of the boys at the lookout:

Hoping my legs will feel okay at work tomorrow after all the ups and downs of the trail.


Butterflies drift
Through pine-scented air,
While wildflowers
Help distract the bears...


Greg said...

That view is pretty spectacular, I can quite see how that was worth the trip up there! And I think Miles probably is safer being carried, given you said he was keen on walking but not returning :) It looks like a fantastic day out, and the picture is great too -- thank-you for sharing!
I like your poem, though I have less hope for the wildflowers than you seem to. Unless they're particularly poisonous to bears, I suppose :)

Hiking in the mountains
Where the treeline ends and the snow just starts,
Is a mountain hike for the strong of heart.
The Yeti roam and Jack Frost sings
Of murdered travellers and hungry things.

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, definitely safer. Plus those legs are too little for that kinda work. Not for long though, I imagine.

I was imagining bears who were very fond of smelling wildflowers, so I guess in my head it's a much more serene scene that what you might be imagining :D

Brilliant poem. Like the whole thing, but the final two lines especially.