Thursday July 20th, 2017

The exercise:

Write a country acrostic. Any country you like.

I will not make any comments about how impressed I would be by anyone who managed The Democratic Republic of the Congo, because that would be mean and I wouldn't want anyone to feel obligated to do it just because I mentioned it here.

So. Moving on.

Delivered apricots to the bakery with the boys this morning before taking them to the park. At one point Miles (who is walking now, by the way - pretty sure I haven't mentioned that yet!) just got up and wandered off on his own, about halfway across the park. Me and Max just watched him go since there's a fence that runs all the way around it.

We had to go get him eventually though.

Because he was not coming back on his own.


Ruining the trust of the
United States in their
Supposedly strong democracy.
Secrets spilled by an
Idiot's idiot son
And yet... still stands his presidency.


Greg said...

Miles is walking, and attempting to find freedom? That's going to make life a little more interesting for you then! I like how you and Max patiently waited until there was no choice but to retrieve him :)
Great acrostic, really nicely done and a lovely commentary on things that appear to have substantial truth to them after the revelations of the last couple of weeks. Every time I think Trump might have started just doing the job he's paid to do he does something else like this and makes me wonder what he's thinking. Or if he's even thinking. But your poem is fantastic, and for that I'm grateful. (I also really like the rhyme between democracy and presidency!)

This central African country is both
Hot and humid, wetter north of the
Equator and drier to the south.

Darkness gathers in the Great Rift Valley to the
East where Nyiragongo broods, sulphurous
Moods raising clouds, and pyroclastic lava flows
Overwhelming livestock as though at Pompeii.
Cartographers shake their heads and
Rub at pencilled lines on smutted paper. Geography
Adjusts again and people's screams are
Tallied as the price that Nature takes.
Insurance companies draw another line and utter
Collateral damage mantras against evil forces.

Rich in copper and in tantalum and beset by
Environmental damages, the spectre of corruption in
Public office is never far away.
Ulterior motives form a spiderweb of
Bribery and machination. The price of
In 1960
Costs far too much in the money of today.

Obviously this is all propaganda.
Fake news media has spread across the world.

The tropical rain forest in the eastern basin
Hides monsters that the world does not
Expect to see again, and

Cataclysm may be the only way to free them.
One day I'll see the river rise and extinguish
Nyiragongo; I shall be the King of Congo,
Goma shall be the place I set my throne.
Overlord, supreme and all alone.

[Well, you did ask for it.]

Marc said...

Greg - yeah, he's full of mischief these days. He will do something he knows he's not supposed to do, then laugh maniacally as he runs away from us.

Well, I'm pretty sure he's not thinking most of the time, just reacting. Which... doesn't seem ideal for a president. Particularly of the US.

Hah, I knew you'd do it. And you did a frickin' amazing job of it. Hold on, need to read it again.

Yup. God, so good. I was prepared to pick your second stanza as my favorite but it just honestly gets better and better as it goes. Bravo, sir. Bravo.