Friday July 7th, 2017

The exercise:

Write four lines of prose about something that is: a long time coming.

Wasn't quite as hot today as last night's forecast predicted (37 degrees instead of 40) which was... good? I guess?

Still drank about three liters of water today (work provides 500ml bottles and I was starting on my seventh on the way home). Plus an iced coffee.

More of the same expected for tomorrow.


You may recall that a while back I mentioned encountering a couple and their three dogs at Cottonwood Beach, and how unpleasant that meeting was. What you certainly don't know is that I've been keeping an eye out for them ever since, wanting to get a picture of them so that I could show it to the Bylaw enforcement officer - because I'm quite good at holding grudges when I want to be.

Well today, just before quitting time, the Bylaw enforcement officer showed me a picture of the woman (by far the more unpleasant of the two in my experience) and told me that she'd just given her seven tickets and that she'll also be getting an expulsion letter (not allowed in public parks, beaches, or washrooms) and that if I see her again I get to call the cops to have her arrested.

I don't care how petty this sounds: that totally made my day.


Greg said...

Anything over 3C is too hot for me. No, I didn't mistype 30, I actually do want to live in the fridge. :-P 40C is ridiculous, and I've had it here in Malta too. Outside is just unpleasant at that point, and dangerous when you burn as quickly as I do. I hope you get reduced temperatures soon.
Hah, congratulations on karma coming round and rewarding you for your patience! It sounds like those people are having to learn the hard way what community means, and it sounds like they deserve it too. I hope you get to call the police on them.
And well done on telling that tale in just four sentences, too!

A long time coming
"In this creation myth the volcano god Tikrahi fulminates for seven hundred and forty nine years before finally erupting and spewing red hot lava all over the turbulent seas of the earth goddess Marahi. Where his lava landed islands and continents formed, and as the earth goddess shuddered and shook mountains rose and valleys formed, in which life then began."
"Seven hundred and forty nine years?"
"I guess you could say he was a long time coming...."

Marc said...

Greg - 40 is definitively miserable. High 30s isn't much better.

And, well, there were four rather long lines... but I did manage it!

Oh. My.

That is all.