Friday April 10th, 2009

The exercise:

Kat and I are up in Squamish to spend the long weekend with my sister and her husband. We had a lovely drive up the coast yesterday and went for a great hike this morning before the clouds arrived.

Def Poetry Jam Friday is taking the day off this week - mostly because I don't feel like spending the time to find a performance to feature. I'm on holiday, after all.

So today we're going to write some holiday haiku.


Purple Easter eggs -
Hiding in the waving grass,
Hatching white rabbits.

The first long weekend
Since New Year's means just one thing:
Time to get some sleep.


Kim said...

I've only been to Vancouver. I'll bet that there are some beautiful places to see in BC. Have a great long weekend. Sounds like you guys deserve some relaxation.

Marc said...

BC has some truly beautiful spots - the drive up from Vancouver to the Whistler area is breath taking.

I can't wait for the construction to be done along there. I'd suggest visiting after the Olympics, once all the road work is done :D