Saturday April 4th, 2009

The exercise:

Welcome to the 300th day of Daily Writing Practice - no days missed since the day it all began, June 9th, 2008!

It's Saturday, which means it's four line poem day. You can write a measly four lines of poetry, can't you? Of course you can - it doesn't even have to rhyme. So stop lurking and share your poetry in the comments today.

Your topic, should you choose to accept it, is: gratitude.


To all the friends that I've made,
To the trees that gave me shade,
For the One we formed from Two -
I'd just like to say Thank You.


Ana Cristina said...

Happy 300th! That's an amazing feat.


Here's my offering:

His hand in mine,
Two hearts entwined:
My love finally has come to rest,
And I give thanks to be so blessed.

Rose said...

Wow Marc! I don't think I could ever do that, not in a million years!lol So I take my fictitious hat off to you! Bravo :D

Here's me!...

When I didn't seem to care,
After all I put you through,
You were always still there,
For me to come back to.

Marc said...

Ana - thanks very much :D

Your poem is so lovely, I especially like the idea of your love coming to rest.

Rose - cheers for that :)

Yours is really sweet, love the sentiment expressed :)

Greg said...

Congratulations! I was imagining that as you hit post for the 300th post little bells would ring, a banner would fall from the ceiling and a scratchy-voiced woman with a blue beehive hairdo would burst into tears. Then I realised that that was an episode of The Simpsons. Never mind, maybe next time....


You're always finding things to be thankful for,
From bacon to bathtime, to fresh air and more.
And I'd just like to say that it's all of your gratitude
That's leaving me sitting here with such a bad attitude.

Bunny said...

The things I'm grateful for
Fill me up inside
A warm, blissful glow
Like sunshine from within.

Marc said...

Greg - thanks :)

It was my secret desire that someone would rhyme gratitude with attitude, so thanks for that too!

Bunny - that's a heart-warming poem that puts a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing :)