Wednesday April 29th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's starter: one man, one dog, one motorcycle.


I happened to glance out the front window while we were putting dinner together and I saw the man across the street with his little, mid-shin high dog walking to his motorcycle. My first thought when I saw this, and I'm not making this up at all, was simply: this has the potential to be awesome.

I had to go back in the kitchen to check on the chicken, but came hurrying back as soon as I could. I looked down to see the dog being secured in the basket on the back of the motorcycle by the now leather jacket clad man.

"Hell yes," I said to myself.

Then he stepped aside to grab his helmet from the handlebars to reveal that his dog was wearing white rimmed, black bike goggles. I about died.

I stood there watching until the motorcycle roared to life and he pulled away from the curb, the dog on the back looking side to side with this... just utterly calm expression. It was like he was thinking, "this could not be more normal."

This totally made my night and I had to share.


Greg said...

That's a great little anecdote, I can just picture the dog sat there wearing its goggles and waiting for the motorcycle to start up! Wish I'd seen it for real now.

But that's a vicious starter for the rest of us!

One man, one dog, one motorcycle

Hermes is smoking a cigarette,
Loitering in the doorway, looking in.
Behind him I can see his Harley,
But mostly what I see is his grin.
"I've lost my little doggie," he says,
"Do you think you might have seen him here?
He's got three heads and I call him Fluffy,
And most folks who see it feel a little fear."
I shake my head and point to my eye,
"Ah Polyphemus," he says, "stay inside,
Just in case my doggie's hungry,"
And he leaves to mount his ride.
I hear old Hermes roar away on that Harley,
A man with a message to deliver,
Searching by-and-by for his doggie,
Like a hobo drifting down the river.

Marc said...

Yeah, I was curious to see if anyone would be able to come up with something for that one.

Glad to see you stepped up to the plate :)

Fluffy sounds quite adorable.