Wednesday April 8th, 2009

The exercise:

They're filming part of the new Twilight movie at the high school my girlfriend teaches at - I personally could not possibly care less, but it appears a whole lot of people are rather excited about the whole thing.

It was fun watching the news tonight with Kat since the reporter was interviewing several students she has taught. I found it particularly amusing that so many of them proudly proclaimed, on local TV, that they were skipping class to try to spot some of the actors.

Anyway, that's why today's starter is: new moon.

Oh, before I forget - Monday's offer is still good until the end of the long weekend. I've heard back from one of the organizers and she said that all credit cards are accepted for online donations, but not debit cards. So if you tried before but it didn't go through, please give it one more try. If it's still no good, please let me know and I'll yell at them some more. Thanks!


The moon has left the sky,
I wish that I knew why;
The stars still light my way,
But it all feels so gray.

I miss the shining light,
From that circle of white;
The night huddles too near,
The black heightens my fear.


Greg said...

Your followers are up to 28: have you ordered them to breed in order to build you an army?

Heh, if my poem yesterday was dreary then yours isn't all that much brighter today! Are you going to try and be an extra in this movie then?


Selene and Diana met in a grove,
Outside a temple at noon
And discussed many things of matters aeternal
And departed at the rise of the moon.

Marc said...

No, but that is a fine idea. I've always wanted my own army.

I think being a movie extra would be pretty cool. Whenever I pass by a shoot I secretly hope someone will run up to me and say 'You'd be perfect for this scene! Come with me.'

God, I'm sharing way too much tonight.