Tuesday April 21st, 2009

The exercise:

Today's prompt is: swept away.

In completely unrelated news *cough* I'd like to say again: go Canucks go.


Straw bristles rush across the floor,
A cheerful tune goes with the chore;
The baker greets the rising sun
With a cloud of dust and fresh buns.

His steaming wares all in a row,
Proudly arranged in the window;
While he's out back feeding a stray,
His precious buns are swept away.


Greg said...

Poor baker, his act of charity costs him his buns! It's a sweet little poem :)

Who are these Canucks then? A hockey team perchance?

Swept away

There was an old house that stood on a cliff
Until that one fateful day
When a storm blew out and the sea crashed about
And the house was swept away.

A little boy woke and stared out the window
Bemused by the ocean view
His house was afloat like a strangely-shaped boat
And no-one knew what to do

The house is still sailing as far as I know
And the family are living on fish
For you stay swept away for a year and a day
Or longer if that's what you wish.

Marc said...

If you follow the link, you'd find out :P

I friggin' love this line:

His house was afloat like a strangely-shaped boat