Wednesday April 15th, 2009

The exercise:

I took this picture during our hike over the weekend in Squamish:

I have no idea what I'm about to write, but we're all going to use it as our prompt anyway. Mainly because I really like how it turned out - it's my new desktop background. Feel free to make it yours if the urge strikes you.

Also: go Canucks go.


Sunshine rests on water and moss,
Worried not by profit or loss;
Content to just listen and stay,
Watching the stream gambol and play.

Aging birch trees twisted and lean,
Stalwart they stand, ponder the scene;
Nothing has passed unseen down here,
Vigil can't be broken by years.

Water won't stop rushing past stones,
Dismiss trees as lazy old bones;
Sunlight moves too slowly by far,
Cannot stop from raising the bar.


Greg said...

30 followers now? You'll have your own entourage soon....
I like the picture a lot, it reminds me of hiking in the Lake District. And your poem definitely captures the mood of it (though I confess that I don't really understand the last line). Let's see what I can offer then:

In spring, before the leaves come
Water rushes down its course
Chuckling to itself

No canopy to shade the stark beauty
Of a landscape left as Gaia's playground,
Man has no right to stay

But visitors may pass, welcomed as ephemera
To appreciate what exists only for itself
And Nature disregards us all

Marc said...

Back down to 29 now - not sure who abandoned the cause but that's okay.

Yeah, that last line isn't my favorite. I was trying to get across the idea that while the sun and trees are happy to be still, the water is always raising the bar, never satisfied, gotta keep moving. If you can give me a better ending line I'd be deeply appreciative :)

I quite like yours, particularly the chuckling water.