Saturday April 25th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's four line poem topic: pirates.

Mostly because Kat and I saw a man crossing the street with a parrot on his hand this morning. Or did we see a parrot crossing the street with a man in its claws?

Also because, seriously: why the hell not?


Well shiver me timbers!
I be good and limber.
Shall we go to the bar?
The only answer's: Yar!


Rose said...

Ha loved the poem Marc - short and sweet and made me smile! :D

Rose @>}-----

Cynthia said...

They still roam the seas, not in our dreams,
But in this modern day.
A new breed; the same stalking, ravaging, pillaging.
Pirates outside of safety's bay.

Marc said...

Rose - thanks much :)

I have to admit it cracked me up. I was in need of a good dose of sillyness yesterday.

Cynthia - modern pirates are so very less romantic than the ones in olden days. I suspect that has more to do with the passage of time than anything else.

Thank you for sharing :)