Sunday April 5th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's starter: bacon.

Blame Greg. And my endless appetite for bacon.


Wake up in the morning,
Need me some bacon;
Give a growl of warning,
There ain't no fakin'.

There gonna be hell to pay
If my bacon's gone away.

Love that fat, love that grease,
No amount will do;
Let's try to keep the peace -
There is none for you.

So accept that with good grace
And I will not break your face.


Greg said...

I have heard a couple of vegetarians say, with a fair amount of longing in their voices, that bacon is the one thing they miss from their pre-vegetarian days. I usually just smile and keep eating; I'm not sharing my bacon sandwiches with anybody.


She said, "it's an obsession with you,
There's an earthquake happening,
So what do you do?
You rescue the frying pan, some lard,
and a year's supply of bacon.
Then here, out in the yard,
You start frying up, and it's makin'
All the neighbours come over
And they're drooling so much
That the rabbit is drowning
In his li'l wooden hutch."
I nodded and picked up my shotgun
Keepin' the neighbour-folk
Away from my bacon.

Greg said...

Oops, totally forgot to say how much I enjoyed your poem, Marc! I can almost (but not quite) imagine you performing it on stage on somewhere like Def Jam with a slightly wild look in your eye!


Marc said...

Mmm, bacon.

Bacon during an earthquake? Sounds good to me!

Oh, and thanks for the kind words :)