Sunday April 19th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's prompt: a first time purchase.

Also: go Canucks go.


My tax return this year was a nice little amount, thanks mostly to my living under the poverty line last year. So when the cheque came in the mail, I tossed more than half into savings and decided to do some shopping with the rest.

The first item on my list: a brand new bike. I've never owned a new bike, to the best of my knowledge. From what I can recall my last three bikes were: a hand me down from my sister Nicky; a hand me down from my sister Sue; and a 'well he's not using it anyway' from Kat's brother Adam.

Kat and I checked out a few bike shops today, with me under the impression that I was just comparing prices on bikes that caught my eye. Then I walked into Rain City Bikes and it was game over.

This bad boy was even on sale too.

I took it for a quick test ride and Kat knew from the stupid grin on my face that it was coming home with us.

I don't really spend much money on myself, I've always been a saver. So on the rare occasions that I blow some money on something just for me... it tends to feel really good.

I haven't settled on what to do with the money that's left over quite yet but I'll probably let you know about it here when I do.


Greg said...

I'm not much of a cyclist, but that bike looks attractive. If I didn't live in London, but somewhere where the traffic isn't insanely aggressive, that would tempt me back to cycling, definitely!
Though I'm not sure it's good that you had to live below the poverty line to get it....

First time purchase

This is Alecto, unceasing in rage,
It is the means to sign this page.
Alecto takes just blood for an ink,
It's called a stabby pen, I think.

It's only a soul, how do you use it?
Sell to me, and let me abuse it.

Yours is the first I've offered to buy,
My price is decent, and that is no lie.
So pick up Alecto and draw some blood,
Sell me your soul, it does you no good.

This is Alecto, unceasing in rage,
Just pick him up, and sign on the page.

(For the record, the human soul isn't waterproof or permeable to oxygen.)

Marc said...

Yeah, I'm lucky that Vancouver is riddled with bike routes. We actually live about four houses away from one of the major north-south routes, which is nice.

I liked yours, even before I looked up Alecto. Now I like it even more. The 'stabby pen' was great :)