Monday April 20th, 2009

The exercise:

T'was a beautiful spring day here in Vancouver and Kat and I were able to eat at one of our very favorite places to eat in the city - our balcony. With a view of the North Shore Mountains, bird song in our ears, and only steps from our kitchen, it really can't be beat.

Plus Kat makes better food than any restaurant in the city.

So today's prompt: dining alfresco.


The waiter's face has been made dark by the sun,
He tells us with a smile dinner's nearly done;
We laugh easily and say there is no rush,
Return to our study of the evening hush.

The pigeons gather in the pink cobble square,
Giving the solemn bronzed soldier white nightmares;
We sip cloudless wine and watch the promenade,
Of charming men with their girls proudly displayed.

We smell the food long before we can see it,
But first our tea candles are gracefully lit;
With anticipation at its very peak,
Steaming platters arrive and we cease to speak.

Each bite is savored like a fresh ocean breeze,
Fingers come together for a stolen squeeze;
Too soon the food is gone and eyes fill with hurt,
But the night is young and there is still dessert!


Greg said...

Ah, the only thing your poem doesn't tell me is what you ate! It sounds lovely though, and makes me wish I had a balcony.

Dining Alfresco

My first is in bread, brought fresh to the table,
My second is in olives, stuffed, green, and sable,
My third is in wine, a vintage for drinking,
My fourth in is fish, which helps me with thinking.
My fifth is in lemon that's sauce on my plate,
And my sixth is in pudding that we eat until late.
My whole can be done alfresco or private,
And is always a pleasure whatever the climate!

Hmm, a couple of those rhymes are a little dodgy, but this is supposed to be off-the-cuff writing :)

septembermom said...

Marc, here's how I dine alfresco these days!

Lunch for Two

Mom and her girl reach the deck,
Straddling cups and plates,
Butterflies dance around,
PB&J dining in the sunshine.

Marc said...

Greg - aye, the balcony is pure joy. And writing by the seat of your pants is what we do 'round here :)

Septembermom - I used to live on PB&J. Seriously.

I've recently discovered the delights of hazelnut butter though, so now it's HB&J... which just doesn't have the same ring to it.