Sunday April 26th, 2009

The exercise:

I guess writing only four lines on pirates just wasn't enough for me - I had to go start a pirate story too. I think it's out of me system... my system now.

Today's starter: the lemon tree.



Watching over the land from atop its hill,
The lemon tree sways in winds awash in dill;
It offers its golden wares to one and all,
And spares not a thought for the onset of Fall.

It is proud to know that its children will be
Lemonade and garnish and soothing cool tea;
And when the day arrives that it is blown down,
That hill won't be the same without its soft crown.


Greg said...

Looks like your pirate story is gathering momentum! You'll have to start plotting it soon... ;-)

The lemon tree

"Bury me under a cherry tree,"
Was my mother's last instruction to me,
"But you're not gone yet," I said.
"Bury me there when I'm dead."

But a life as bitter as arsenic deserves less,
And when she died, dressed in her Sunday best,
I remembered her words, and appropriately,
Buried her under a lemon tree.

Marc said...

Me pirates will have none of yer plottery!


Loved your poem. A bitter burial for a bitter woman. Ah, smells like justice :P