Monday April 27th, 2009

The exercise:

I'm feeling a bit tired tonight and I have other writing I'd like to get to, so we're going to write some haiku. What shall the topic be, I hear you asking.

It shall be: unanswered.


Why is my question
So difficult to answer?
It is hard to say.

* * *

Why did you do that?
What on Earth were you thinking?
The baby just smiles.


Greg said...

Ah, haiku. I like your second haiku slightly better than your first; it definitely accords with babies I've known.


You ask your questions
And listen to the echoes
No-one answers you

* * *

A stranger curses
Your house in summer's warm rain
No answer will do

Marc said...

I like my second one better as well. The first one was a warm-up... or something.

I can't decide which of yours I like best. They both have a very authentic haiku feel to them.