Thursday April 2nd, 2009

The exercise:

Just a quick reminder before we get started that Monday's offer is still open and that donations of all sizes are deeply appreciated.

With that out of the way, today's starter is: seesaw.


Up and down,
Back and forth,
Laughing like crazy clowns.

Wind in hair,
Sun on cheeks,
Launching with lazy care.

Too much force,
Too small hands,
Landing on gravel coarse.

Tears are shed,
Scrapes are kissed,
Lacking skin quickly shed.

Run and play,
Leave the pain,
Lasses are that-a-way.


Rose said...

I tried to donate but it doesn't seem to be accepting my debit card :S What a pain!

Anonymous me said...

Rising and falling, falling, falling
why aren't I? .... carumph, thump
now that is going to hurt tomorrow.

Marc said...

Rose: yeah, I'll be looking into that. I'll let you know if something can be worked out. Thank you so much for trying though!

Anonymous me: haha, I like that. Thank you for dropping by - I love your profile picture :)

April A.K.A. Elsha said...

I am currently working with the words see and saw at school with a little 6 year old! We just talked about seesaws...

"Do you know what a seesaw is?"
"It's a long board that you sit on and your friend gets on the other end and you go up and down like this." I demonstrated with my hands.
"Oh! Like a teety-totter!"
"Yes! A teety-totter!"

I should have said teety-totter first!