Friday May 29th, 2009

The exercise:

This week's edition of Four Line Friday Prose has an admittedly odd topic. I think it will be fun though.

The topic? Ninja trash talk. Go!


Please tell me you were just playing around. Please, please tell me that you weren't actually trying to kill me in my sleep. Because if you were, and I'm not saying that you were, but if you were, you were forgetting one very important thing.

I don't sleep.


Greg said...

Where did the inspiration for this come from? It's a great little topic.
Yours reminds me both of Chuck Norris and the Jackie Chan cartoon. I can picture both equally well :)

Ninja trash talk

"You call that a shuriken? That's not a shuriken, this is my shuriken!"
"Sweet Jackie Chan, that thing must be five feet across!"
"Yeah, and it weight fifteen tons."

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

X) Not only do I think of Chuck Norris, but I also think of Ask A Ninja... if you've yet to behold the hysterical awesomeness that is Ask A Ninja, I suggest you track it down. Before he tracks you down...

You call that an ambush? I've seen newbies in the Ultimate Secret Order of Secret Ninjas do better than that!
There's a moral to this story. Upon induction, you must learn The Sacred First Rule of The Ultimate Secret Order of Secret Ninjas: you don't talk about The Ultimate Secret Order of Secret Ninjas.

Completely ridiculous, I know, but it's the first thing that came to my mind, and due to Rule Five, there's no turning back, is there?

Marc said...

Greg - I was thinking it would only be fair for the ninjas to have a turn after the pirates had their day in the sun, you know?

That's one hell of a shuriken :)

g2 - Ask A Ninja is pretty awesome. I like your Fight Club reference.

And yeah, rule five can be a bitch some days. :D