Friday December 11th, 2009

The exercise:

Only two weeks until Christmas! Yowza.

Last year I did a twelve days of Christmas lead up to the big day but I haven't decided what I'll do this year yet. That's my way of saying that I'm open to suggestions.

Today's prompt for Four Line Friday Prose: let it snow.

We got a little taste of it here today, with more to come this weekend.


The snowflake performs a slow, lazy dance as it meanders down to earth. It has no thoughts on when and where it shall arrive, no concerns about what others might think of it, no desire to attain the newest gadget. It is simply a snowflake, gliding down to the ground so that it may be transformed into a snowman or snowball, or just to become one small stitch in a massive white blanket.

And that is enough.


Greg said...

I hadn't seen your twelve days of Christmas before, but I was quite impressed. A very nice take on them, with my personal favourite being the three french hens.

We've had snow in Moncton already, but most of it was a few days ago so it's just sitting around in piles for now. More is due this week though, apparently.

I like your snowflake too, such potential in such a small object!

Let it snow

King Rudickar glared out of his command tent at the hobgoblin army massed outside. They were shivering and stamping their feet, and their breath hung in clouds in front of their mouths. Hobgoblins didn't tolerate cold very well, but one of them, he was sure, had stolen his roasting spit, the one he could fit two whole hobgoblins on. He glared still, making up his mind, and then announced to the world in general, "Let it snow!"

Marc said...

I hope you're doing okay with all that snow around! The East Coast is prone to getting some pretty good dumps.

You should make a snowman!

I really enjoy it when you bring in your story characters for a visit here :)