Tuesday December 29th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's what I got for Christmas is the musical edition: Matt Costa's Songs We Singfrom my parents and Alexi Murdoch's Time Without Consequencefrom Kat's brother and his fiancee. They are both fantastic and I highly recommend both - Matt Costa's CD being a particularly pleasant surprise, as I've only listened to a couple of his songs before (somewhat obsessively, I'll admit, but still).

Today's prompt has nothing to do with either of those. Just wanted to get that out of the way before I tell you that your Two Haiku Tuesday prompt is: thoughtless gifts.

My first one, and the prompt, were inspired by the mountain of chocolate I found waiting on my desk at work this morning. The second one is just me having some fun :)


So much chocolate
For one diabetic... I
See you thought this through.

*     *     *

You work way too hard -
Take the rest of the week off,
You poor, tired brain.


Greg said...

Hah, chocolate for a diabetic! That's pretty thoughtless and a shame at the same time, as you know that whoever did it was trying to appreciate you. I suggest melting it all together, and as it cools, making a model of your hand (or face, if there's enough) and giving that back to them. Then if they eat it, they're disrespecting your gift, but finding anywhere to keep it where it won't melt will be a challenge.... :)

I like both your haikus this week, thought the first one has the edge because of the back-story!

Thoughtless gifts

Flowers for me? I
have hayfever every year.
I love you anyway


I like you less now;
Take your wheelchair back; watch me
Try to walk away.

TAMmommy said...

A pink sweater,
two sizes too small,
makes me wonder if you thought at all

Yeah, I know...I can't do Haiku.

One of the prompts that I wrote on from you awhile back, like in October, was "Guess who's coming to Dinner?" and that writing has been in my head all night and today, so I sat and expanded the story on my blog...

If you get a chance, check it out and tell me what you think, please!!

Marc said...

Greg - ha, that's a fine idea :)

I like that your first one somehow managed to paint a very clear picture of a bumbling, well-intentioned boyfriend/husband in only three lines, so that has to be my favorite.

Tam - ha, it may not be a haiku but it's a lovely little rhyme regardless :)

And I will most definitely have a gander at your expanded version! That's very cool indeed.

TAMmommy said...

Thanks Marc!!

For you comments, and for allowing me to write here. You're comments have been a great help to me, and give me a little more confidence in my writing, although I know I still have a long way to go.

I have nothing in my brain for today...sorry! I have been at the computer again this morning with the "acursed" story that I can't get out of my head! The moment I think that I have it all out, a new vein appears in my mind and I have just kept going...