Tuesday December 15th, 2009

The exercise:

Welcome to day number 555 in a row of Daily Writing Practice. If I had been paying attention earlier in the day when I was deciding on the writing prompt, I might have made reference to it in some way.

But I didn't. So your Two Haiku Tuesday prompt this week is: the cemetery.


Snow dusted tombstones
Await spring's distant return
While the dead sleep on

* * *

The words on each stone
Vary but mean the same thing:
I was here. I lived.


Greg said...

555 days! Doing well, Marc!

So I played indoor hockey for the first time last night, and although it was enormously fun, I now ache in all kinds of strange places. You Canadians are odd... ;-)

Your second haiku is beautiful and a little haunting, definitely my favourite.

The cemetary

The zombies leave home,
Shuffle away from the ce-
metary. Braaaains....


She lays flowers on
Her husbands grave. Christmas is
lonely without him.

Marc said...

Oh man, I love indoor hockey! I used to play goalie for my intramural team in university, that was a blast.

And thanks, I like my second one best as well.

Your first one made me laugh, your second one made me sad, and I can't pick a favorite. But... it's hard to not go with the zombies. :)