Sunday December 27th, 2009

The exercise:

Heh, I had forgotten that I didn't have a post scheduled for today until I checked the page to make sure all the scheduled posts went up properly. That was a close one!

Santa has been very good to me so far (my parents are coming for a quick visit tomorrow, so he's not done yet!) but I'll save my what I got for Christmas post for tomorrow.

Today? Your prompt is: blessing in disguise.


Kat and I flew in to Vancouver this afternoon and went to collect our bags from the Carousel of Doom (better known as baggage claim). My bag showed up but Kat's suitcase decided to take the scenic route.

This was very annoying at first. But then I realized two things, in rather quick succession. First: that thanks to Air Canada delivering the suitcase to our apartment, we didn't have to struggle to get that rather heavy and awkward beast home ourselves. Second: that with only my big bag and our two small backpacks, we could take transit all the way home and not have to waste money on a cab.

So it definitely worked out for the best. Especially considering that the nomad suitcase has been delivered already, safe and sound.


Greg said...

Well done with the luggage, that does sound like a blessing in disguise! I can imagine that it was quite upsetting at the time though, so my commiserations to Kat.
My few trips with Air Canada haven't lost any luggage yet, though a colleague of mine somehow managed to get to London while his luggage went to Montreal. We're not sure if that wasn't his own fault though, he's good at that kind of thing....
And I was wondering why Sunday's prompt was missing ;-)

Blessing in disguise

The ocean doesn't want me this way,
Which is a blessing in disguise.
Though I'm incrementally more miserable,
I have things I must recognise.
When the ocean won't take me
And the waves throw me back,
How polluted is my soul?
What humanity must I lack?
I have had to make changes,
To alleviate my sin,
But as I make myself ocean-acceptable,
I no longer want to throw myself in.
The ocean didn't want me that day,
Which was a blessing in disguise.
I'm a hundred times happier,
And I understand where joy lies.

Marc said...

Oh, I think that's one of my favorite poems that you've written so far.

I see you're warming up for your Protag poetry title defense :)