Saturday December 26th, 2009

The exercise:

Your four line poem prompt this week: the day after.

I hope Santa was good to you :)

I'll be home tomorrow night, weather permitting.


So many lovely presents were shared,
Everyone showed that they really cared,
I ate a lot but didn't get ill...
Just don't show me the credit card bill!


Greg said...

Santa was good to me, I have a chocolate-making class to attend sometime in the next six months, I just have to book the class! I hope he was good to you too :)

The day after

The left-over turkey would feed the five thousand,
And the beef has barely been touched,
But everyone's left feeling bloated and happy,
And I know I fed them enough!

Monica Manning said...

The mark of a good host, Greg, is when one's guests leave waddling. It sounds like you were more than successful.

* * *

Corn and potatoes, turkey and stuffing,
Apple pie and creamy rice pudding.
Three different desserts, sent from Heaven.
Thank God the diet starts in seven!

Marc said...

Greg - that sounds fantastic. I will demand samples once you've done it :)

Great poem :D

Monica - haha, perfect final line. As usual :)