Tuesday December 1st, 2009

The exercise:

Let us welcome the last month of the year with some haiku. Your Two Haiku Tuesday prompt this week: a complete 180.


I thought you'd chosen,
I thought it was set in stone.
But stone turned to sand.

* * *

You said goodbye and
Headed for the door but a
Gun shot brought you back.


Greg said...

I love your first haiku with the idea of the stone turning to sand. The second one is also good, but puts me in mind of C&W music....

Does today's title have anything to do with yesterday's, by any chance?

A complete 180

You turned round so fast
You left your face behind you
I think it suits you


Turn again my friend,
Going back is wrong for you
Face your future well

Marc said...

C&W music? Really? Get your head out of the Old West :P

And yeah, the two were definitely related.

Your first one is definitely my favorite :)