Thursday December 17th, 2009

The exercise:

The countdown to Christmas begins tomorrow!

But today, your prompt is simply: 'tis the season.


It's that special time of year,
When families gather near,
To speak without any fear,
Thanks to the magic of beer.

Outside the snow is falling,
While inside there's name calling,
Voices rising, skin crawling,
And the baby is bawling.

Bridges and dinner are burned,
Half-hearted kind words are spurned,
Vicious battle scars are earned...
And nothing is ever learned.


Greg said...

Your picture of family Christmas sounds as charming as my audience yesterday. I hope it's not drawn too closely from real life!

I particularly liked the first line of the third verse; I know that construction has a name but I can't think of it right now :)

'Tis the season

Cold hearts and cold stares,
The ice outside has found a way in,
A feeling of not belonging there,
Yet she's spending Christmas with her kin.

They've decked her brow with all the holly,
Wrapped tinsel round her skinny neck,
They're drunk, demanding she be jolly,
She's crying though, she's just a wreck.

Why does she do this, what's the reason?
Why not spend the time with friends?
She's always says just, "'Tis the season!"
As though she's trying to make amends.

Marc said...

No, nothing to do with real life at all, thankfully :)

If you remember the name, be sure to let me know. It was my favorite line as well.

Oh, I do feel for your poem's character. I quite like the line about the ice finding its way inside.