Tuesday December 22nd, 2009

The exercise:

Your Two Haiku Tuesday prompt, coming at you with just three short days until Christmas, is: oh Christmas tree.

Man, I used to love those Claymation specials.


So many presents
Beneath my boughs... but I know
That none are for me.

*     *     *

The wooden angel
Atop the tree would not fly
Away if she could


Greg said...

Christmas is getting alarmingly close! I've just about done the Christmas shopping now, just present wrapping to do; and then I'm cooking Christmas dinner this year, so that should be fun!

I like your first haiku best I think, this week.

Oh Christmas Tree

Green branches, white snow,
The scent of fresh pine rising,
This tree means Christmas.


Tinsel twists around,
And baubles sparkle brightly:
Christmas reminder.

Marc said...

I quite like your first one :)

Kristin Russell said...

So big, lush, and green
Bringing so much joy to me
This tree is the one!

Storing the presents
For the big day soon to come
Joy is building up.

Marc said...

Kristin - ah, we've gone way back with this one! Welcome to the blog, I hope you find it useful :)

Really like the sentiment behind both your haiku, they really capture the spirit of the season. I guess it'll be coming back around soon enough!