Monday December 14th, 2009

The exercise:

I just finished reading The Lovers by John Connolly, one of my favorite authors. So I thought we could use that title for the writing prompt today.

The lovers in the book were not very good... beings, so that's where I took my inspiration from.


Separated for far too long,
By heavy men with slender minds.
Oh but our love, just like us, is
Undying and can't be confined.

We will be joined as one again,
But before our bliss can set in
We will find those responsible
And make them suffer for their sins.


Greg said...

I don't think I've read anything by John Connolly, but I'll bear him in mind for my next flight, whenever that may be. I'm reading George R R Martin at the moment, mostly because they're thick books that can last an entire flight :)

I love the angry sentiment of your poem, though the second line of the second verse is a little tricky as I've not seen bless used like that before.

The Lovers

One morning at the start
Of a cold and frosty day,
I spotted a wing├Ęd cherub
On the streets and making play,
Loosing golden arrows
At random strangers passing by,
Who would turn as they were struck
And catch each other's eye.
Love would blossom in the frost,
And man walked home with man,
Because Cupid thinks it's funny,
And Cupid does what Cupid can.

Marc said...

Highly, highly recommend his Charlie Parker series. I believe it starts with Every Dead Thing.

And... yeah, I'm having issues with typos lately, it seems. It's been fixed, thanks for pointing it out.

Very cute little poem :)