Wednesday December 9th, 2009

The exercise:

Today's writing prompt: alarm clocks.


Oh I scream and I shout,
Flail my hands all about;
Sing with my arms wide flung
At the top of my lungs...

And still you
Ignore me,
When you should
Adore me.

You would sleep until noon
Without me, you buffoon!
But why should you heed my tock?
I'm just an alarm clock.

So go on,
Ignore me.
But know that
You bore me.


Greg said...

Are you having trouble getting back into a getting-up routine now that you're back at work? :)

I really like the change of pace between the verses and the refrain, I think it works really well.

Alarm clocks

I wake, shivering, in the dark,
Fear caresses me with itching fingers.
Something dreadful will soon occur,
I hide my head, but fear lingers.
And then the klaxon bleats and blares,
My body tenses, hard as rock,
My orders are to leave the comfort of my bed,
Issued by that infernal clock.

morganna said...

It's five forty
I'm playing so softly
Can you reach me
Before I wake the kids?

Marc said...

Greg - ahem. Maybe.

Let's just say your poem resonates with something deep inside me.

Morganna - haha, that's a cute little poem. I like it a lot :)

Shea Stuart said...

Always I am somewhere else.
I am meeting Neil Gaiman
or it's Saturday
or I'm being really cool for once,
then BAM!
The beeping, low at first,
then insistent
then urgent.
I tap to snooze but I can never tap back into my dream.

"We were at Cheddar's," my child says,
waking from a dream.
"We were talking..."
He trails off.
he begins to learn
we take our waking slow
and we never go back.

Lindsey Boger said...

Noisy as we dream
The alarm screams and shouts yelling,
"Wake up! Wake up!"

With messy hair and a puddle of drool
we roll over and slap it silly
not ready to start the day
we snooze for 5 minutes more

Until it all begins again...

Marc said...

Shea - I'm glad you found another prompt to write on!

This is really excellent. Some really great lines here; I particularly liked '... but I can never tap back into my dreams' and 'we take our waking slow and we never go back'.

Lindsey - thanks for taking the time to find and write on another prompt!

Oh my goodness, your second stanza. I laughed out loud at your descriptions :D