Wednesday December 2nd, 2009

The exercise:

Just as life starts to return to normal... your prompt today is: losing wisdom.


So tomorrow's the big day - all four of my wisdom teeth are coming out sometime around 10:30 in the morning. Wish me luck and a speedy recovery. Mostly the latter, please.

I'm taking Thursday and Friday off work and hoping to be recovered enough to go back in on Monday. If I look more like a chipmunk than a human being as the end of the weekend approaches, it's a safe be that I'll be staying home an extra day.

I had considered doing a couple of posts ahead of time but then I decided that it would be more interesting to see what I produced while doped up on painkillers. I apologize in advance for any excessive weirdness that might appear in this space in the coming days.

Bring on the soups and the smoothies!


g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Take it from somebody who, firstly, is not a fan of dental procedures, and secondly, had her wisdom teeth out last summer, it certainly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Between the pattern of the pain and painkillers, though, do not expect to get regular sleep.
Also: careful of what you eat. I'd go for something that can either be swallowed completely, or something you can easily squish with your tongue. Mother Nature did not design our front teeth to grind food into tiny pieces, unfortunately.

The chipmunkiness does stick around for a few days, but even if it disappeared right after I wouldn't recommend moving much at all; the painkillers make you so uncoordinated standing up and walking's like crossing a windy ravine.

Seriously. Don't sweat it beforehand, sleep a lot afterwards. It'll be just fine.
- - - - -
Such a role reversal of the adolescent advising the adult. I realize no wisdom was actually lost, but perhaps some was gained...? At least a little?

Greg said...

Wow, all the best with that tooth extraction, Marc! Four at once does not sound like fun, and I'd guess you're going to be pretty much on soup and ice-cream for a few days -- ice-cream soup maybe?

I will confess to being intrigued to see how weird you get on the painkillers though ;-)

Losing wisdom

The little chipmunk chitter-chattered,
Then nibbled on a nut,
Wide-eyed and losing wisdom,
From the chemicals that'd been put,
On all the food in his cage,
By humans seeking to learn,
Which additives were favourable,
And which they should just spurn.
But who can tell that wisdom's gone,
When the chipmunk isn't saying?
And what can save the humans,
When they're unwise enough to start praying?

Marc said...

g2 - thanks, and glad to hear yours went okay. I sent an email at work yesterday and mentioned that I would be away for a couple days and the guy replied back about ten minutes later.

He responded to the main bit of the conversation and then ended his email with:

"I won't tell you my wisdom teeth story...

Good luck"

Gee, thanks.

Greg - mmm, ice cream soup. I shall talk to Kat about this.

And I'd rather do all four than two now, two later. Besides, my upper ones don't hurt at all right now. Well, where the upper ones used to be.

It's looking like a definite lack of weirdness so far, sorry.

Clever little poem there, and a very appropriate question to end with.