Tuesday December 8th, 2009

The exercise:

I am amused that my tale of feeling ill after taking a T3 has prompted a Tylenol ad on my page.

This week's topic for Two Haiku Tuesday: falling star.

Speaking of things that amuse me.

Oh dear, I forgot my manners. Thanks very much Beth!


There's a shining star
Tumbling from the night sky...
I guess I should move.

* * *

I cheated. A lot.
Paid them off but still got caught.
Man, who would have thought?


Greg said...

A T3 is a cocktail, right? ;-)
My favourite joke so far about the Tiger Woods affair is that as the woman he cheated on his wife with has been seen with at least 4 other PGA players, her hole must be a par five....


I like your first haiku better, but they're both good.

Falling star

Not so much a fall
More an avalanche of hurt
Your dreams turn to ice


I only stumbled
I was too famous to fall
But that's what I thought.

morganna said...

Streak of light crossing
Velvet blackness, and another,
Meteor shower.

Falling star slowly spins
Death of an angel tumbling
To rest -- rebirth comes.

Marc said...

Greg - lol, I had not heard that one yet. Classy!

I like your second one best, and not just to be different.

Morganna - ooh, I like both of yours equally I think. Maybe the first one slightly more, but not by much.