Sunday December 13th, 2009

The exercise:

Vancouver is quite officially covered in snow right now. Everything is so much prettier :)

I've also decided how I want to count down to Christmas this year, but that won't be starting until Friday. I think. I might get started early, depending on how excited I get.

Today's prompt comes courtesy of Gwen: listen to any piece of classical music and write whatever it inspires you to write.


Mozart - Eine kleine Nachtmusik

The ballroom is empty,
Except for the two of you.
You dance with eyes squeezed shut,
In a ghostly blur of blue.

The music plays softly,
But your steps are much softer;
Yet somehow they still seem
To echo in the rafters.

Then you dissipate as
The serenade falls silent;
You seemed happy for two
Who met an end so violent.


Greg said...

Moncton's snow is quite grey now, but more is on the way this week, so that may clean it all up for a little while.

That's a rather sweet little ghost story you've told there; I really, really like the first verse, it's so evocative. I can see them dancing there.

I like the piece of music I've chosen, particularly William Orbit's arrangement of it (linked to) and was a little surprised to be reminded that it's Beethoven. So, my apologies to Gwen for not picking someone a little more obscure (I'd been planning on picking Scarlatti or Saint-Saens). However, I think the poem I've written goes well with the music -- let me know what you think!

Triple Concerto, Ludwig van Beethoven

Moonlight falls upon the cave
at last
Selene rides high above the trees, and
the shadows of the ancient night
are pushed aside.
Men wake.
Somewhere in the depths a chant begins,
men with drums,
hide stretched over sacred wood,
enjoin the beat
and the warriors paint their faces red
a vision of how their enemies will be
when Selene returns atop the trees again.
Rain falls,
the patter of unearthly tears,
that mourn a future that is yet to be.
Men sharpen weapons, each stroke of stone
grinding steel to an edge that cuts the wind.
Water drips within the cave,
falling into pools and reflecting grey faces
that know no end to war.
And with the rising of the sun,
they leave the cave as silent as
the shadows where this was begun.

Marc said...

Well we're getting a proper dumping of snow tonight but it's set to disappear by the end of tomorrow.

Lovely poem set to a rather haunting bit of music. I'd say they go very well together indeed :)