Friday January 29th, 2010

The exercise:

Welcome to the 600th day in a row of Daily Writing Practice.

Let's celebrate with four lines of prose about: bumper cars.


In my wanders around the city, every now and again I encounter a car with an oddly placed or sized dent in its exterior. When this happens I'll usually stop and stare, trying to figure out how on earth a dent was made there and by what.

More often than not there's no logical explanation - which simply means an illogical one is required.

For example: "I guess that car got head-butted by an elephant."


Greg said...

I guess the next big mile-stone is 730 then? You must be pretty impressed with yourself though, to have managed 600 days in a row. I can't even claim to have managed to have posted every day since I started visiting your blog!

Heh, 'head-butted by an elephant'. So true.

Bumper cars

The Green Lightbulb's face lit up -- literally -- with delight when he saw the funfair. "Bumper cars!" he shouted, short bursts of brilliant, green, irradiating light flickering out from his body. Sylvestra and Dr. Septopus backed quickly away, but the cotton candy stall was less mobile and the candy machine quickly acquired an ominous green glow of its own.
"Let's go smash into people!" yelled the Green Lightbulb, racing across the grass, which turned black and died in his wake.

Marc said...

Yeah, the two year mark is the next one I've got my eyes on. It'll come around eventually :)

I don't know why, but 'Let's go smash into people!' was my favorite part of that.

Okay, the candy machine starting to glow was good too.