Saturday January 23rd, 2010

The exercise:

Your four line poem this week has one job, and one job alone: make me laugh.

Okay, that's a lot of pressure. How about I just say give me four lines of nonsense? Does that make it better? I'll even give you an extra line to use as the title of your poem if you want!

I'm really enjoying this round of the poetry tournament - and there are only seven poems submitted so far!

AFC Word Count: 25,038
AFC Word Target: 23,000

Man, I thought that was going to be done 5,000 words ago.

Update: Woo, went over 60,000 words today.


Travel Like A Man

I went for a walk today,
And got lost along the way;
But rather than ask for directions,
I'll just eat some confections.


Greg said...

Well, it looks like there's a few more now, though mine's not great. I've had so little time, I don't think I've done the round justice. Still, if I go out now, it won't be in the first tranche of non-winners :)

I like yours a lot, and it looks like Elzu has pretty much given up, sadly. His poem is cute, but he clearly didn't proof-read it before submitting it, which may count against him.

Congratulations on AFC as well, it sounds like it's turning into a fully-fledged novel. Just look what NaNoWriMo has done to you!

Farm life

Mary had a little pig,
That liked to rootle in the ground,
Now Mary's got a bacon sandwich
And the pig cannot be found

Marc said...

Well I liked it a lot, so there :P

Looks like Elzu edited his poem, which I'm glad of - it made no sense to me the first time I saw it. We'll see what the judges think.

Yes, what has NaNoWriMo done to me indeed.

Hah, your poem made me laugh. Nicely done :D