Thursday January 14th, 2010

The exercise:

I felt like doing an acrostic today, so go nuts with that.

In other news, A Fighting Chance edged across the 50,000 word mark today, so that was kind of exciting.

AFC Word Count: 14,463
AFC Word Target: 14,000


Courting your sugary spice,
Love of my heart,
I step into the spotlight,
Charmingly playing my part;
High may be your pedestal but I'd climb
Everest for you, my sweet tart.


Greg said...

Now that's curious -- I was considering doing an acrostic for the second round of the poetry tournament, as a way to add something extra to the seven lines! So I was just recalling your prompt on acrostics yesterday, and then you remind me of it!
Congrats on getting AFC over the 50,000 word mark, you must be writing quite hard at the moment. You're edging towards nearly half-a-day's writing target ahead of yourself too, which is exciting.
And your little CLICHE is a sweet poem that made me smile when I read it :)


Trapped in precious amber,
Iridescent wings still a-glitter,
My newly discovered insect awaits
Eternity's reward.
Legendary now, among
Entomologists and other interested
Scientists, its segmented body
Shows a classic beauty that is this.

Greg said...

Ooh, Russian GPS and transport spam! You get the oddest visitors, Marc... :)

Marc said...


I'll reply to your first comment later :P

Marc said...

Alrighty then.

Yeah, I considered an acrostic as well but then went with... well, with what I posted.

Glad you liked my cliche :)

Lovely choice of word to use in yours and wonderful lines to go with it :)