Sunday January 31st, 2010

The exercise:

The final two days of January have been quite relaxing. I think this is the least writing I've done in months.

Kat and I finally got around to seeing Avatar last night. I enjoyed it and find it very interesting that a movie that is so blatantly anti-military and pro-nature is breaking the all time box office record.

Even if most people leave it thinking 'that was sure pretty.'

Anyway. Your exercise today is to use the title of the last movie you watched as the topic of your poetry or prose. The title, not the movie itself. Unless you really want to. It's not like I'm going to stop you if you do!



Oh baby I really have to say
Your game character is super hot.
So that must mean that you are too

I mean just because my guy is ripped
While I'm shaped like a barrel of lard,
Doesn't put things in a different

So hell yeah let's meet up in real life!
We'll go for a walk in the park
And then I'll sing you your favorite

But until then I'll do as you command;
I'll slay dragons and help with your quests,
And never ever think that something's


Greg said...

I've not seen Avatar yet, though we're going to try and see it before it leaves the cinema. I believe it's one of the highest grossing films to date.

I like your poem, it's a great little commentary on online relationships! I particularly like the last line of each verse.

The last film I saw was on television, called Sunshine, directed by Danny Boyle.


Break the shadow.
It flexes, it is stretchier
Than any of us thought,
But still it breaks.
It fractures like a thousand-year egg
And its heart, yellow as yolk,
Spills out.
It floods the air, suffusing us,
Brilliant sunshine.
It is surely the brightness
Of the eternal mind.

TAMmommy said...

Well, I hope your Movie Prompt doesn't have to be a movie you saw in the theater, because I can't remember the last time I went to an actual movie, but did watch something on DVD with the kids...hope it counts.

Up, up and away,
I want to fly,
to sail in the clouds,
to be free today.

Up, up and away,
footloose and fancy,
free to be me,
just for this one day.

Up, up and way,
I can sing it all I want,
but it was not to be,
not even for this day.

Up, up and away,
a dream unreached,
so I will write again
and finish this day.

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Hmm... mine's certainly going to be a challenge, seeing as the title of the last movie I saw is also the name of a rather famous fictional sleuth. We'll see what happens, though...

Sherlock Holmes
I dreaded roll call, especially with substitute teachers. After a while the regular teacher would pick up on my insisted nickname, even my classmates, though merciless for a while, rolled their eyes with me whenever a sub got to my name.
"Holmes, Sherlock... oh my! What a name!"
If you can help it, try not to have parents who are librarians, mystery aficionados, or unnervingly booky people with the same last name as a famous character. You are bound to sharing that character's name, whether you like it or not.
- - - - -
not my strongest, but ah well. It's practice, is it not?

Marc said...

Greg - that's an awesome way to describe sunshine. Particularly the 'stretchier' line :)

Tam - there are no rules here!

*looks at the rules over on the right*

Er, well, none that are too strictly enforced anyway :P

I quite like your poem and it makes me want to see that movie. I'll have to get around to it at some point.

g2 - practice is what it's all about around here :)

And man, parents can be cruel. Wittingly and otherwise.